One little bit of news me and a couple of friends performed an MBO on Digital Company – Data Media and Research Ltd.

Role-wise I guess I’d like to be considered to be a kind of creative jack of all trades with a technical slant.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, anything that I say on here is, in no way, sanctioned by Leger or DMR.

But at the same time it’s hard to separate the online me (very rare for me not to be found online) from the professional (or unprofessional) me…

Why is this blog here?

I found that I kept bombarding everyone with ‘Hey Look at This!’ emails and was either sent to the junk folder (Dru 🙂) or I was putting a strain on various peoples e-mail accounts, now I don’t have to bother, if they’re interested in what I say, they can just come here.

As far as my career goes:

I’ve worked at Storehouse PLC, Huthwaite, JBA PLC, Leger Holidays, Plusnet PLC, BT and a few others (but it makes me feel old)… 🙂

If you want you can catch me talking about the WEB and associated events :-

TTI Spring Conference April 2007

Marketing Week – CRM in Travel 26th – 27th November 2007

Travel Technology Show 2008

Ancillary Revenue in Travel 2008

Travel Distributin Summit Europe 2008

World Travel Market Novemebr 2008

World Travel Market 2009

and here are some articles about me :-

Sheffield e-commerce expert in demand

Travel in a WEB 2.0 World

TTI Newsletter May 2007

How to ensure an online personalised service clicks with your user base?

Steps we are taking to increase ancillary revenue. (Podcast)

Leger Holidays unites with Offbeatguides

Ancillary Revenue in Travel Europe

Oh and if you ever wondered where the idea for the site name came from it was an episode of the Simpsons :-

One where Homer witnesses the arrest of a telemarketing scam artist and sees the discarded autodialer in a nearby Dumpster. Homer takes the autodialer home to use for tele-panhandling.

Homer ends up annoying most of Springfield with his “Happy Dude” confidence trick scam, and it isn’t long before Chief Wiggum catches him.

Instead of confiscating the autodialer and taking Homer into custody, Wiggum gives him a citation and asks him to bring the autodialer with him to his court hearing. Homer does just that, and is ordered to apologize to everyone he had scammed. Using the autodialer, he apologizes … and then asks for more money!


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