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3D Browsers Starting to Come of Age…


Just noticed this new site ExitReality which is for a 3D browser plugin seems promising 🙂 still early days but makes yo uthink what next generation browsers may be like.

What is it for?

* View any webpage in 3D… every website is now a virtual world
* Turn your standard 2D web page into your own unique 3D space
* Meet and chat with people in 3D
* Search and explore thousands of online 3D communities and meet new people!

What Can I Do?

* Convert, decorate and share your Social Network Page in 3D
* Collect cool objects to add to your 3D space or apartment
* Create a 3D Avatar, chat with friends and meet new people
* Invite people to your virtual space
* Host real time parties and events at your online space

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