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Nostlagia Time with GIF.TV






A bit of trip down memory lane for all those who used to get an email from a friend with the attached animated GIF.

Simply click thorugh the channel button on the remote and watch some old favourite animated GIF’s on GIF.TV .



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The Runaway Bobble Hat & A ‘Pom Pom’ House

This cctv footage shows some guys walking around Leeds city centre in the hat which was created by Tony Broomhead local architect and artist following anĀ  idea from his wife, Aprille.

The hat has still not returned but Tony has made a replacementĀ  and 2 Cosy is now back outside Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Leeds, until October.

Tony and Aprille Broomhead have also been busy on another project this time its all about ‘Pom Poms’ the idea started after the theft of Cosy 1, they have since been inundated with them after a request for people to send them as many as they could. They’ve had so many they have decided that they are going to build a ‘small house’ out of them when they have finished will post and let you have a look

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Photoshop a Looter








I know the whole rioting is a serious matter but this site gives a bit of light hearted look at the a series of serious events.



“Underclass” Lashes Out & Two of the World’s Richest Men Say the Worlds Messed Up!

This article in the Daily Telegraph gives a good summary as to some of the reasons to the recent spate of rioting in this country and other countries around the world.

Interesting times as the whole World seems to be in some sort of economical or political turmoil, I have added the video above which features Bill Gates and Warren Buffet talking about the US tax system its a few years old but interesting to here their comments none the less.