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Google+ Launched To Take On Facebook

Yet another release from Google this time its Google+ a new social networking service to take on Facebook. They are calling it ‘real-life sharing.’

Its available first by invitation only, early users say its a lot like Facebook.

Google said it will meet the most basic human needs to connect with others.

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Google Launch – “What Do You Love” – Search Service








Google have launched a new search service called “What Do You Love?”, which lets you to search for whatever “you love” across all of its various services with once click.

An interesting service and even more so due Google using a different url for the service and that they have given it a soft launch.


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More Geographically Accurate London Tube Map

The people at this site London Tubemap have designed a more geographically-accurate version of the London Underground map, I like it gives you a much better idea of where you are going.



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Graze gets the Happy Dude “like”

Well after first posting about Graze on Happy Dude nearly three years ago I have finally decided to give the service a try.

My verdict is excellent! (the picture is of my third delivery).

The choices are amazing and everything tastes really fresh plus they are apparently good for you as well 😉

Would be good if they could factor a healthy drink in with the package as well but suppose may pose a few logistical problems.

You can try graze for free and another half price- just go to and use the code PN5LV9W to get a free box.

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QR Code Music Video Featuring Shin-B

US artist Shin-b has released what is said to be the first online music video using QR CODES!

She has decided to use the codes in her latest video which lead to various points of interest about her plus if you scan the right code you might win a prize!

So get out your phone and start scanning 🙂


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QR Code Shopping at Subway Station

Tesco in Korea have found that the use of Smartphones and QR codes can lead to an increase in sales online in this case by 130%.

The idea allows commuters on their way to or from work to shop virtually, checkout and pay. A quick scan of the product puts it in their online cart and when done it is delivered to their door just after they get home.


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Doctor Kicks Off at Cameron & Clegg NHS Photo-Op

Classic bit of footage by NHS doctor who interrupts a visit by David Cameron and Nick Clegg with a rant over lack of respect for hospital rules!

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Rare Interview With Fast & Furious 5 – Screenwriter

This video gives a rare insight into the mind of the screenwriter of Fast & Furious 5 😉

Seriously Fast & Furious 5 is a great movie seen it at the cinema and definitely a go see if you like cars!


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Monet 2010 Exhibition – How to Portray Art Online

Just came across this site for a Monet exhibition which took place earlier this year, whilst looking at some inspiration from this years Webby Winners and I think they have rally captured a brilliant way to portray the artwork of Claude Monet online go and take the journey yourself.

Well done to the people at Les84 who created the site.


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Microsoft Windows 8 – Preview

Here is a sneak peek at Microsoft’s New Operating System Windows 8 which is going to run on everything  laptops,  desktops, PCs with mouse and keyboard, touch slates etc etc etc.

It all begins with the Start Screen and its live tiles and apps; you cycle between windows by simply touching your finger at the side of the screen, and swipe it inwards to lay the new tab on top.  By holding the floating tab for a few seconds, it’ll snap onto the side of the screen as a secondary window.

It all looks very nice and fast when we get more details we will post them here.