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Last Minute Gift Ideas – A Look Back at Gifts on Offer in 1985 from Argos

For all those last minute shoppers and those who are old enough to remember this just look what you could have bought in 1985 from Argos.

May provide some inspiration for those wondering what to get this year 😉

Update there are lots more to feast your eyes on here.


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Holidays are Coming Coke Festive Ad & a Few More

I know its very commercial but do like this Coke ad it does make it seem like Christmas, and here are some more ads with a Christmas theme to get you in the mood courtesy of the Independent.


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Word Lens Translates Images in the Palm of Your Hand

This is a pretty impressive app for the iPhone  (hopefully the Android soon) which takes a picture of an image and translates the text instantly; no its not magic but very clever.

Hat Tip : Umpf



Festive Greetings 2010

Well its that time of year again!

Where did 2010 go?

To save the trees here is my festive e-greetings to all “Feliz Navidad”!

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Live Train Map for the London Underground

Nice live mashup of the London Underground in action by Matthew Somerville (with helpful hindrances from Frances Berriman and James Aylett) which was done in only a few hours at Science Hackday on 19/20th June 2010!


Advertising Fun

‘A Pot Noeldle Christmas – by Pot Noodle ‘

The Noodle van is here, the Noodle van is here…

Celebrating the launch of the Christmas Dinner flavoured Pot Noeldle!!


Politicians and Pledges!

Hang on is this an ex member of the Conservative government circa 1980, 90 ‘s admitting that politicians break pledges!

Along with stating that the Lib Dems have to face up to making a decision  “they now have to make decisions” to quote Lord Heseltine.

Not saying that any politician is beyond using any hokum but blimey what intersting times we have once again 🙁

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Google Chrome OS Laptop Pilot Program

Google has announced that their Chrome OS laptops are now available to the general public through a pilot program (US only 🙁 )for early adopters who prove themselves to be “right” in various ways.

A Chrome Web Store has also launched to allow an easier way to run web apps within the Chrome browser itself (most US only at the moment).


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Coronation Street – Déjà Vu Mode – Tram Crash?

Soaps what are they about, don’t have time thankfully to watch them but in light of Coronation Streets “Blockbuster” 50 years epic screening 😉 Was surprised and shocked to see that the story was not original why cant they think of a new storyline?

Is it ground hog day or some form of national apathy 🙂

Coronation Street Tram Crash 1967?

Coronation Street Tram Crash 2010?

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Thank god for the Internet 😉


Fun Miscellaneous

Train Snow Plough – Clears Tracks.

Thought this was apt considering current weather 🙂