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Airplane vs Zero Hour

Both the Airplane films have always made me laugh and this video showing the inspiration came from 1950’s movie Zero Hour is funny.


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Jobs Worth Traffic Warden Hands Out Multiple Tickets Live on TV

US TV Reporter Gayle Anderson was filming a piece about “Road Trip Cars” in Santa Monica when a Traffic Warden handed her ticket after ticket — all on live TV.

The warden didn’t seem impressed by the cars, cameras, or Anderson’s insistence that she had parking receipts in her van. 🙂


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Lessons to be Learned from Fashion’s Free Culture with Johanna Blakley

This is yet another brillaint TED talk this time it is the turn of Johanna Blakley Deputy Director of the Norman Lear Center as she explains how the lack of Copyright Law breads innovation, creativity and sales in the fashion industry which should act as a key learning point with regard to Copyright law’s grip on film, music and software industry.

Sit back and listen as she talks about what all creative industries can learn from fashion’s free culture.


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The Times & The Sunday Times Launch New Sites – Paywall to Follow

Following on from the post earlier this year and Murdochs paywall plans, the Times and Sunday Times newspapers have revealed their new-look websites as they prepare to charge readers, before the charging starts people who register will be able to register will be able to access the websites for free until late June after that it will be £1 per day or £2 for a weeks subscription to the Times.

I do like what  they have done with the design nice and clean and very functional and I do like how they have managed to retain the look of the traditional print item which should lend it to becoming quite popular with the iPad / Tablet fraternity although they may have on navigation for touch devices but sure there will be an app for it .

One last thing I like which is not really an online newspaper first but it does change their offering  away from reporting yesterdays news and gives them the opportunity to post live reports.

With newspaper sales in decline and advertising increasingly moving online, print owners have been searching for a business model that will make profits from their websites, whether or not it proves popular enough for people to pay remains another story that only time will tell.


ith newspaper sales in decline and advertising increasingly moving online, owners have been searching for a business model that will make profits from their websites
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Extreme Reverse Driving in Citroen’s with Dunlop Tyres

Some pretty good driving skills being displayed not unlike my own 😉 must give it a try next time in”Cheese Grater Car Park“.

(Only joking please don’t try this at home)!

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WEB & TV Become One – Google TV

For many years I have been evangelizing about the convergence of TV & WEB and it looks like it is almost here, the guys over at Google announced Google TV which means you will be able to view video and browse the web from your TV instead of your traditional computer.

Their is even talk of having the ability to use your android powered phone (or tablet) to either browse, or use as a keyboard for your Google enabled TV.

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Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters Invade NYC Library

Improv Everywhere invaded the New York Public Library the other day to hunt down some ghosts and found a few 🙂

Thought it was funny they have loads more on their site, following the them still not much news on Ghostbusters III apart form 2012 release date.


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Impossible Motion


Just sit back and watch 🙂

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Internet Hero Revealed :)

I feel quite humbled but it looks like the secret is out 😉

NB. Takes a while to load, but its worth it.

Hat Tip Kevin May @ Tnooz


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MP4 – Cross Party Music – Oh No

Looks like these 4 MP’s from different parties are planing their career moves if things don’t work out on Thursday 🙂

They are releasing an album soon with all monies going to help for heroes so a worthy cause just not sure how many they will sell.

One question why is there a bed in the Speakers private residence (such an opulent one) and why are they conducting the interview on it?

The life that is politics never ceases to amaze me.