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5 Year Old Breaks World Record for “Air Push Ups”!

This young lad is Giuliano Stroe, from Romania who has just broke  a new world record for number of “air push-ups.”  He is only 5 years old and this is his second entry in the Guinness book of World Records.

Reminds me of myself in my younger days don’t think I could manage more than 10 though these days 😉


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Augmented (Hyper) Reality!

Quite a few friends were tweeting about this so had to have a look at this video and blimey it gives a pretty good insight as to what we might be seeing very soon!

via visionOntv


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Social Shopping Site with Cashback –

Sososher which is an acronym of four words – (S) Savvy (o) Online (so) Social (sher) Shopper is marketing itself as the world’s first website that combines shopping and social media, the sites members can post pictures and videos of purchases then can review and comment on the uploads

There is also the ability to view retailer promo videos, get your hands on voucher codes along with cash back on all purchases !

I do like the “Look Busy” button which brings up a novel surprise go on give it a click :-

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Code Organ Makes Music from Websites

The site Code Organ analyses the “body” content of any web page and translates the code into a tune have a bit of fun and give it a try.

Here’s what happydude sounds like 🙂


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Digg founder Kevin Rose takes first Bungy Jump – 433ft / 43 Stories High!

Just caught this from Kevin Rose’s tweet blimey 43 Stories and first ever time!

It was aparrently a birthday treat for the Digg founder?


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Oh No! Geek Couple get Married in Apple Store?

This is post 600 for happy dude and not quite sure what to say -the video shows a wedding that took place in an Apple store?

It took a whole Apple theme even the the minster was dressed “similar to Steve Jobs he even says the following :-

“…we’re here tonight not only to look for new iPhone cases but to participate and witness a special ceremony of marriage. Which is a means of establishing a new home and embarking on this journey of the heart. Steve Jobs once said and I quote ‘You have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” These dots are what have brought this couple together and what will guide them henceforth.”

Whatever next I know that I could be classed as bit of a geek myself but this is definitely different and I am sure that Apple will soon be charging for the service and Google will follow with an open source version 😉


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Microsoft Release Windows Phone Series 7.

Hot of the press so not much info, one I have noticed is that the interface looks good for this new  Windows Phone 7 Series will try and find out some more details and post back.


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Bing Augmented Reality with Live Video Broadcasting.

Well talk about waiting for a bus and two come along;  following on from the earlier “Google Liquid Galaxy” post spotted this video from TED 2010 featuring Blaise Aguera y Arcas who is an architect at Microsoft Live Labs and the co-creator of Photosynth.

Here he demos augmented-reality with Bing and shows some amazing features the show stopper being the live broadcast video footage he also talks about some more features including “time travel” no not Doctor Who but the facility to overlay images from the past with current, I think they may also have one up on Google with their  “back pack camera”  which enables street view inside.

All very impressive and expecting many more great things from both camps with their augmented and 3D offerings.


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See the World with Google Liquid Galaxy

Although a few months old, this 8 screened unit named “Google Liquid Galaxy” shows an impressive use of the technology that Google have created, you can basically fly around the world in Google Earth and it really gives the impression of flying, it does not stop there you can explore ocean trenches and many more.

The guys at Google explain more here.


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Robin Hood Tax – Will the Bankers be Worried or Care?

This video featuring Bill Nighy has been created by the people at Robin Hood Tax which is a group backed by many charities, unions and celebrities including Oxfam, the Salvation Army, Bono & Richard Curtis.

The idea is to call for an international transaction tax on investment banks with the alleged potential to raise as much as £250bn a year to bolster public services and fight climate change and poverty.

Will be interesting to see how it goes I bet a lot of politicians and economists will favour this approach to banking reform 😉