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AD LAND – Retro Ads feature in New Animation

This is a great piece for the creative circle guide book done by Coy who have managed to shove hundreds of old ads into this animated piece – go on see how many you can spot.


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Egg Watchers – The Online Egg Timer

Just spotted this site egg watchers which is a novel way of making sure your egg is boiled just how you like it. Just follow the instructions and then sit back and watch as a selected You Tube video runs whilst your egg boils another fun idea from the guys at Poke.


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John Bishop & Sarah Millican – Funny Comedians

Just watched my first ever Mock the Week which was very funny and spotted two comedians who have some very good acts the first is Sarah Millican who has a very original set and a cute website and the next was John Bishop who’s comedy is to close to home even though he’s from Liverpool,  like the look of his site, think it really fits the bill 🙂

Sarah Millican Clip :-

John Bishop Clip :-

Love the quote “the guy with yellow vest and an NVQ in clipboard management”  and many more 🙂


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Google Get Busy Again with Google Social Search, Google Books & Live News Panel.

Not wanting to miss out on the limelight Google have just gone live with their Social Search feature and added enhancements to the Google Books area.

All very interesting does make you wonder if the guys & gals at Google plex were up all last night working on Google Books?

Back to the social aspect of Google search results, noticed the live news feature in search results has gone live which is great for providing leading news from social and news areas but could have an impact on natural search work (pushing natural search listings down).

Try it out type “ipad” in google


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iPad as Seen by MADTv in 2007 & Fujitsu in 2001? + Dom Joly on the Streets of London with his iPad.

Looks like nothing is new, here is a sketch from the MADTv sketch show circa 2007 featuring the apple iPad!

Okay its not the same product but makes you wonder whats next on the horizon 😉

Following on with the “nothings new” thread

Just came across this if you click the image above it shows the iPad in 2001 from fujitsu you can read more here in this New York Times article.

As a last minute scoop we catch Dom Jolly on the streets of London with his iPad 😉


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Apple Launch the iPad!

Looks like we may have been on the  ball with this one check out earlier post, Steve Jobs launched the iPad this evening. Even though it won’t be available for another 60+ days there is already an  iPad website.
The tablet does seem to have some good applications and features although we will have to wait and see if we get the chance to do a full hands on review 😉

The site also has some good video content explaining this new device and also features “Jony Ive” the maestro of design at Apple.

With this new devices footprint and ability to utilise current apps looks like lots of interesting developments/opportunities ahead for lots of businesses including travel.

As Jony says

” This defines our vision, our sense of what is next!”


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Apple iTablet – iSlate – iPanel – iPad is Coming?

Looks like the chairman of  publisher McGraw-Hill – Terry McGraw has let the cat out of the bag regarding Apple’s latest technology release as can be seen in the video (jump to 2:48) above as he confirmed the existence of Apple’s iPhone OS-based tablet and that it’s coming tomorrow!

All we can do is wait and see, still a little disappointed in Microsoft’s tablet launch was hoping it was going to be more like this.

Oh not sure if its the real thing but here is a possible picture of the iPad


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Pay Walls Will They Work?

Not if this article is anything to go by, looks like US paper “Newsday” who 3 months ago spent $4 million on its new “paywall” site have managed to catch 35 subscribers @ $5 a week to date, so looks like a way to go before it starts to pay its way 😉

As I have posted before I do think that Newspapers need to look at better ways of keeping in business in the digital world something that the Editor in Chief  Alan Rusbridger at the Guardian is looking into here in this interview.

All points to some interesting times ahead!


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HP’s Touchless “Wall of Touch”

The wall employs a touch mechanism that uses optical cameras and a magnetic strip to detect when users are nearing the wall so no need for pointy fingers.

Definitely another interesting way in which new media can be delivered more can be found here.


Business Media Politics – New Information Government Website

The new site which has been develped by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt along with others aims to provide  government data for public use by giving access to the wealth of government data which will include detailed information about crime rates, exam results and even house prices.

They want it to be built with the public in collaborative relationship which on the surfaces sounds very promising will keep watching to see how it develops.

of the public will soon be able to find out detailed information about crime rates, exam results and even house prices in their areas