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200x Faster Broadband Without Fibre…


Came across this article an Australian PhD studentDr John Papandriopoulos has developed the technology to produce internet speeds up to 200 times faster than current broadband. The amazing part is that it doesn’t require a fiber optic network to make it happen. It will work over existing copper phone lines. Without getting into the rocket-science aspect of how it works, I’ll just say that John’s device revolves around anti-interference from your neighbors’ phone calls. Look for it to go mainstream in about 3-4 years.

Papandriopoulos also told Image and Data Manager Online,

“People have been trying to push up the speeds of broadband to as fast as possible by pushing the actual bandwidth limits. The underlying problem is really one of interference, in effect your neighbor is interfering with your speed”.

Reportedly, the anti-interference technology could be installed directly into existing modems as a software upgrade or be shipped in new modems and would also require installation at the telephone exchange end.

[Via Trendhunter]

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