Cadbury Zingolo & Fairtrade

Cadbury Dairy Milk’s Fairtrade certification in the UK and Ireland is something worth singing about – so we are!

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Dan Bull’s Stop the Digital Economy Bill – Message to Mandelson.

This tune and commentary is by Dan Bull who became popular recently when he penned a note to Lily Allen, opposing graduated-response.

Here is a brilliant article by Cory Doctorow at the Guardian,  which highlights the fact that Lord Mandelsons Digital Economy Bill (which is a contradiction in itself) is not only a little misguided but it could have a dramatic impact on the economy.

There is an official “don’t disconnect us petition” which is being promoted by Stephen Fry so if you want to see this ridiculous bill stopped sign up now.

We will have to wait and see what happens over the next few months lets hope that this latest form of Government control is put where it belongs in the recycle bin!


2000 – 2010 in 7 Minutes

Blimey people say where did the year go but a decade has almost gone and this montage by Newsweek shows news highlights of the last 10 years  in just seven minutes.


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SixthSense technology insight with Pranav Mistry

A brilliant insight into how various forms of developing technology can provide us with some pretty amazing ways of working Pranav even shows a new device the paradigm-shifting paper “laptop”

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How the Web will look in Five years according to Google!

I know its a few weeks old now but the insights into how Google see the future in just 5 years is very interesting. Here Google CEO Eric Schmidt can be seen speaking at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Orlando 2009, Schmidt outlined his vision of the future, claiming that how to rank real-time social content is “the great challenge of the age,”!


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Casper – Air Traffic Control Maps Mashup


Just spotted this pretty cool site Casper that maps flights on a Google mashup !

“Casper is an innovative web-solution to present aircraft movements. In an attractive design, live and recorded traffic is presented using Google Maps.”

Is set at the moment to cover deaprtures – arrival from Schipol Airport apparently can be configured for other areas though! Pretty impressive tool and not just one for the Plane Anoraks 😉


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What is a Browser? Views That Are Both – Interesting & Disturbing!

Just caught the the above video and thought that it is very interesting but also quite alarming as this selection of people don’t realise how this new form of media is delivered, something I think the newspaper and old media barons would be very happy with!

Hopefully this is something that will be addressed with the continued growth of online availability both at home with broadband and the mobile adaptation!


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Hot New Vegas Show? Monkey & Goat on Rope!!

Can’t say anymore 😉


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Take the Stairs Instead of the Escalator with the Piano Staircase..

I think the above viral piece is excellent and there a few more to be found over at the fun theory – (aka Volkswagen) –

It seems to make a very good point that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.

Hat tip :- Lawrence Lessig