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Why Low Cost Airlines Seats are So Cheap!


I think the picture says it all 🙂

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Social Media Revolution?

Well quite a lot of data here and lot to think about, more can be found here will be interesting to see what everybody thinks to this video?

We are definitely seeing a change in the way we are doing business and how people interact and traditional means of communication are being affected. For the last few centuries media publishing houses have controlled the run of information to and from people and  they have distributed news and informational content all over the globe, however the internet and social media have opened up the door to the average person to distribute their content, ideas and detail on an international scale with immediate effect.


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When False Advertising Gets Caught Out.

This shows the power of the internet and how brands have to take care when claiming things about their products this company’s pool imagery obviously was a little misleading – however these people got their kids to voice their disappointment in the product.

Hat Tip BrandflakesforBreakfast


Fun Music Video

This Summers Smash Hit!

Okay maybe not, its Yo Soy Tu Gummy Bear – Full Length Spanglish Version saw it on a Tweet and thought the site need a bit of music 😉 123 Yo Soy Tu Gummy Bear!


Fun Video

Homemade Waterslide Jump

Just bought my kids one of these padling pools – hope this video does not give them ideas 😮


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Laptop Ad – Maybe It Will Catch On!

Sorry but who ever thought up this  Ad campaign for their laptops was either on something or should be, then again it has got me posting it 😉


Fun Sport Video

Boxers – Knockout Each Other!

I thought this type of thing only happened in the movies but they do seem to hit each other at the same time 🙂

Hat Tip Zee Slash Blog


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Online Papers Likely to Take a Tumble


Following on from the post the other day and how print maybe needs to look at their business models especially online, then Rupert Murdoch goes and confirms that all News International sites will soon start to charge for content!

What smacks of corporate lunacy looks like bringing major benefits to bloggers and other independent publishers as surely people will source there content from these instead of the fee based print moguls.

A bit more background can be found here.


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Print is Poorly – Maybe the Link Economy will Help?


Recent stories about Rupert Murdoch and various other print companies, looking for ways to survive in this digital age by wanting to charge for online content just smacks a bit of “Citizen Kane”.

However  it is good to see that there are a few people at the top of these organisations who can see a different solution to their ageing business models. This article by Chris Ahearn, President, Media at Thomson Reuters puts across a few points that seem to be a little better thought out especially in these ever changing times.

I think that niche publications may just get away with a subscription model but with the global coverage the internet has and the immediacy of delivery of news and relevant content from numerous sources I can’t see the mainstreamers getting it to work.

(This article on Channel 4 seems to back this up – we will see).

Post Update : Murdoch makes announcement that “News Corporation will charge users to access its news websites, which include The Sun, The Times and Sky News” more here.


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Advertising is not Dead! – Good Copy and the WEB Work

This is a video for the Wicked Sick Project – which was set up by the creative team at George Patterson Y&R

The aim of the project?

“Does creativity make a difference? ”

These guys bought a bmx on ebay and relisted it with some creativity and it sold for 500% more than the purchase price.

Just goes to show that the right sort of copy does work!

Oh and its’s also good to see how the web can accelerate a products popularity with the right content 😉