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Get Yourself Down to Pap’s Place

Howwwdeee 🙂 If you live in Ackerman USA this looks like the place to eat?  Look at all that lovelly food blimey you may even get to meet Brother Cat Fish and his sidekicks.

“Jesus Christ is Lord Hit it Brother Cat Fish” 🙂

Hat tip to John Marston.

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Boyle Bursts – Diversity Wins!

To tell you the truth not watched this at all but family have got into it, was sat tonight watching last 15 minutes of final and did think that the dance group “Diversity” fitted the title of the show they really have talent – sure they and the guy who choreographs them will be very successful 🙂

PS the “Boyle Bursts” quip is from our friend Borne’s tweet @ Dance Star UK

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The Son – is a Preacher Man !

Just caught this video on Graham Linehan’s site, this little fellow is really getting down with the crowd – frightening and funny 🙂

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New Music Show Pocket TV Launches June 4th

New weekly music and entertainment show made specially for mobile and online

It’s been quite a few weeks in the making, and Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV is now launching on June 4th.

It will be free to download to any handset in 5x 90s clips each week (they’ve kept the clips short so they’re easy to download even if you don’t have a fancy phone) and you’ll also be able to watch extended 3min versions of the clips on a dedicated YouTube channel (

They’ve got Florence and the Machine, Hockey and N-Dubz for the first episode, with people like The Gossip, Maximo Park, Marilyn Manson, Just Jack and All American Rejects already lined up for the following weeks.

Matt Edmondson (from Holy Moly TV) is the main host, but there will be more presenters getting involved throughout the series. It’s not going to be a muso show, it’s meant to be a bit of fun with bands and artists who have music coming out. It will also cover comedy, fashion and films.

Every week, there will be a Citizen Journalist segment and if you’re between 16-24, you can submit a video to pitch an idea via the YouTube channel. The best ones will be filmed by the production team, with the citizen journalist fronting the piece. Viewers will be able to comment on individual clips and influence how the show develops.

Technology Video

Microsoft to re-launch search with “Bing”

Hot on the heels of  Wolframalpha and Googles New Search Tools, Microsoft is re-launching its search engine as a “decision engine”, promising to make search simpler along with this they are aiming to overhaul Yahoo.

They have re-named and re-branded it as, the search engine will go live first in the US and launch in beta elsewhere. Will follow with more coverage when it goes live 🙂

Media Technology

Look out – Twitter – Facebook – etc Here Comes Google Wave!


Well with the highly charged race to the uber search engine at the moment – Google previewed a little bit of a curve ball in the form of Google Wave – which looks like a combination of all things web 2.0.

Will be interesting to see what form it eventually takes but must have Biz & Mark a little worried plus Steve’s new Bing may have a to do a workaround 🙂

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Slam-a-Celeb with Doritos Dodgeball Challenge

Check out our celebs getting whacked with real dodgeballs

The Doritos Dodgeball Challenge is our way of launching our brand new flavour – Flamin’ Cheeseball. Using specially designed dodgeball cannons thousands of people have already fired real dodgeballs at celebrity guests and our dodgeball teams. We’ve already had Jodie Marsh, Timmy Mallet, Nikki Grahame and Kenzie from Blazin Squad in our dodgeball cage – so visit now and who knows who you might get to slam.

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Wolfram Alpha Goes Live

The new kid on the block in the world of search wolframalpha went live today and on initial looks it seems quite impressive, I don’t think it is a challenger to Google as it seems to be quite a different animal but the data that it provides is pretty impressive! “

To use a term that quite a lot of people are quoting it’s more of an “Answer Engine” as it provides you with direct answers, rather than point you at pages that in turn may hold those answers.

I’d recommend checking out the hundreds of pre-populated “examples” to see how certain types of queries are best structured. Many of these examples feature structured input fields (for example, weights, measures, dates, and so on) so you can express your question more specifically than with natural language.

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Google Releases New Search Tools

Google Search

Google showed off some of its new search features at an event at its Mountain View headquarters on Tuesday

One to keep an eye on as an idea known as Google Squared it works by Google extracting information from multiple websites, and then working out the common values and presents the results in a spreadsheet format.

For many online publishers, this future will look scary. It implies that for some types of information Google will become a destination site, not intermediary.

It is still in the early stages of develpement so still time to rejig those business models and with new ways of search emerging every day like WolframAlpha, a “question and answer” service due to debut next week, the long-term implications are huge: like the Semantic Web, these services point to a time when online services like Google draw on a network of linked data, rather than just a network of linked documents. At that point, users should be able to query the data without ever needing to visit the underlying sources – at least in theory. Making the quality of search for the user more valuable but at the detriment to web publishers.

They also showcased the new Google Search Options, which is a new panel that will appear in the left hand column of search results, it gives users tools to refine their own search results – for instance, based on date. (pic above)

All in all interesting times yet again in the online world 😉

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Apple iTUNES Costs a Lot, Microsoft ZUNE PASS Costs a Little!

The above is an advertisement for the Zune Microsoft’s iPod competitor. However, the Zune now has something that iPod/iTunes does not, an unlimited monthly pass, aptly titled “Zune Pass”.

As the ad says for $14.99 you get uUnlimited downloads which you can play on your Zune device or PC/Mac.
* The downloads can be placed on up to three PCs/Macs and up to three Zune devices.
* Unlike iTunes, you can select the file format and you can select the bit rate.

Compared to iPod which will apparently cost $30,000 ! to fill it seems a better deal but maybe a little more research is needed, so if anybody at Microsoft wants to let me have a Zune and access to the service I will happily review 😉