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Alpine Legend – Xbox 360 game trailer

Here at last; the Official Xbox 360 Alpine Legend Game trailer as shown at Snowbombing 2009 festival, Mayrhofen. Find out more at

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The Future of Gaming – Onlive


Spotted this yesterday and on the basis of the press release and the video it looks very promising; just not sure how it is going to work online with fast action games but I guess they have thought about that.

Advertising Video TV outtakes

Watch hilarious bloopers reel from TV advertisements starring me, Aleksandr Orlov.

I am 100% serious about my business, but that is not to mean I am 100% serious about myself. That is why sometimes I wear my smoking jacket with the inside on the outside!

It is also why I have made comic tape of bloopers from my TV advertisements for your amusement.

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Anti-Eco Music Video

Wannabe celeb Dan Power is releasing the world’s first ever ‘anti-eco’ single ‘Energy Wasting Day’

Dan Power attempts to knock Lady Gaga and Oasis out of the Top 10 and become the UK’s number one in time for April 1 2009.

In his debut music video, Dan Power (a self-confessed carbon junkie and Jeremy Clarkson fan) is seen cavorting with a group of girls pole dancing around patio heaters, riding a gas guzzling motorbike and advocating all kinds of ways to needlessly waste energy.

Check out to download the track, buy collectible T-shirts, and become friends via his Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages.

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Don’t feed the monkeys (or give them a socket set)…

Funny viral from the IET

Calling all scientists and engineers! The IET teamed up with some cheeky monkeys to make this frighteningly funny viral. If you’ve ever been to a Safari Park you’ll relate to this one…

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Please Help Stop Fox Hunting



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Google Street View Comes to UK (Featuring Happydude)…


I have been waiting ages for this moment –  although totally geeky –  its true I am on Google Street View looking out of my window, what are the odds on that.


I saw the car last year so took a snap and he took one back 🙂

But seriously the streetview feature is great you can even check out my home town Sheffield

Now where did I put that euromillions ticket 🙂

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Ray Winston Calls For Respect

Hollywood tough guy Ray Winstone shows his support for The FA’s Respect Parent Guide to Youth Football

Winstone is here to promote The FA’s new Respect Parent Guide after research showed that thousands of youngsters had hung up their boots over the last couple of years due to pressure from the sidelines.

Winstone believes that parents need to lose the “win at all costs” attitude and bring some enjoyment back to the game: “Kids want their parents to watch them play football but they want to be supported by them, not embarrassed.

The FA Respect programme has already had a major breakthrough in the grassroots game with dissent figures showing an 8% improvement nationwide on last season’s totals while 567 leagues have shown their support by becoming Respect Leagues.

I’m sure most of us have witnessed some over the top behaviour at games palyed at youth level, which is not necessary.

Check out for more info on The FA’s new Respect Parent Guide

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Sheffield Techno Viking – Well Nearly :)

Just caught this which features a woman who can be seen on the streets of Sheffield regularly not quite Techno Viking but pleasent none the less 🙂

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Comedian Louis CK Talks About The “Spoiled Generation”…

“The foundations of capitlism are shattering” to quote american comedian Louis CK in this video clip which has some interesting points of view; maybe we and our ancestors have taken a lot of things for granted but I think – some people have taken the majority for granted and perhaps we should all have a reality check to see how far we have come 🙂