Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates in New Microsoft Ads…

Here you can see the first two of a planned series of ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates which aims to show what the Micrsoft brand has to offer.

Reactions have been sharply split between those who consider it pointless to those who appreciate the quirky humor you can see them for yourself here.

I do like the bit in the second one when the kid asks Bill when the new game they are playing will be released and he says never 🙂

Apparently the last one is Jerry’s final appearance people at Microsoft say that he was there in the first few warm up commercials only as part of their $300 million Vista ad campaign more featured ads are set to follow and a dedicated site has gone live to promote the campaign.



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Advertising Tobacco on Children’s Uniforms…


This is a little disturbing but in the KunMing Province of China students have been issued with new orange uniforms covered in advertisements the big issue is the fact they have a tobacco sponsor on them!

Apparently parents were shocked but there is nothing they can do about it 🙁

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No Need for Con-‘Cern’…


In light of all the media coverage of Wednesdays big switch on of the Large Hadron Collider there are lots of varying points of view – some with stories of the end of the world others go on about the benefits it may bring.

You can even watch it live here

Personally I think we could maybe do a lot better things with the money and Sir David King on the BBC site sums it all up in this article.

The challenges of the 21st Century are qualitatively different from anything that we’ve had to face up to before, This requires a re-think of priorities in science and technology and a redrawing of our society’s inner attitudes towards science and technology.

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Little Gordon Returns III – School Diners

The little chap is back and this time Little Gordon’s school dinner ladies are in for a shock.

This is the 3rd part in a hilarious series of virals from 🙂

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Comprehensive Website Check Tool – Quarkbase


Quarkbase is a free tool to find information about a website.

It is a mashup of over 30 data sources and many algorithms gathering information from Internet on various topics like social popularity, traffic, associated people, etc.

On first impressions looks a handy little tool 🙂

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Picture This A Porsche on Your Drive!


Ever wanted to trick your friends into thinking you have a Porsche?

Maybe not but this site has a nice interface wherby you can upload a shot of your driveway and put the latest Porsche on it.

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Faulty Samurai Sword on Shopping Channel…

This little clip made me smile looks like some US shopping channel maybe set in the south? 😉