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Ernie – The Fastest Organic Milkman In The West Returns…


Not quite Benny Hill but Ernie The Fastest Organic Milkman In The West makes a return  as all that’s old seems to be the new-new!

Delivering organic milk to customers’ doors in glass milk bottles, is coming back as the Manhattan Milk Company is reviving old-fashioned dairy delivery.

For a $5 delivery charge, Manhattanites can get a weekly delivery of fresh milk. The company’s driver loads up his truck on Wednesdays at 4 am and delivers to all of Manhattan, picking up empty bottles when he drops off the full ones. The milk is sourced from 51 Amish farms in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, about 160 miles southwest of New York City.

Maybe we will see this regeneration grow combining dairy delivery with locally supported agriculture ventures that deliver organic fruit and veg from farms to households across the world – with eco delivery systems?

Think about it convenience, charm, organic and local all combined with green credentials!!

Everything Locally2u!!


The Man With 86 Wives… Must Divorce 82…


Just spotted this on BBC site although its a bit of an old story thought it was some mean feet :- a Nigerian man who has 86 wives has been ordered under an Islamic law to divorce 82 of them, or face death.

Mr Abubakar 84 had challenged Islamic scholars, saying there was no punishment stated in the Koran for having more than four wives.

He argued that being forced to leave his wives would cause undue hardship: “All my wives are with children and some of these are people I have married and stayed with for over 30 years. How can they expect me to leave them within two days?”

At last count, Mr Abubakar was said to have somewhere over 170 children.

Just think of the amount he would have had to pay out if he was in the west in alimony plus brings a whole new meaning to Desperate Housewives 🙂

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Burj Dubai Tower -The Tallest Skyscraper In The World…

Here is a pretty amazing video and some photos taken by David Hobcote of the Burj Dubai tower which when completed will be the tallest skyscraper in the world. It is simply amazing and when you look down at the buildings below it you get a sense of its enormity.

Definitely a place I want to visit just to catch a glimpse of all the amazing architecture that is being constructed in this region.

You can see more of this amazing building here and the official site here

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“Engrish” Web Site…


Although the olympics are coming to an end; I thought this site which makes fun of poorly translated or written products, signs etc would bring a smile to a few faces…

The site is fairly new and is brough to you from the guys who created ICanHasCheezburger

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Dru… The ULTIMATE PC Peripheral – Part II – PC Toaster…


Well following on from the post about the PC Oven many moons ago looks like another hot product (sorry) for Gamers and Surfers has emerged.

This time it takes the form of a toaster – enter the CrazyPC 5.25 Bay Toaster.

What better way to satisfy that late night snack craving than a healthy piece of toast? Just slide in a slice of bread – and voila you have toast in just minutes.

The Bay Toaster fits in a standard 5.25 drive bay and installs in just minutes. Comes with Windows software for adjusting heat and time (Mac OS version coming soon!)

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Preacher Who Lets The “Wind Go Free” Farting Preacher…

What do you think is he really breaking wind on live TV the Lord only knows although me thinks it may have been Phartoshopped 🙂

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Flying Dutchman Steve McClaren…

Oh my goodness what is Steve McClaren upto here he has taken on a whole new level of cringeworthy awfulness with a performance that would make even David Brent blush.

The clip is from a Dutch TV interview talking about his new side FC Twente and their pending match against Arsenal.

He has only been in the job since June but he seems to have already mastered the language “is big news now in English media”.


(Ps Is that a Psychiatric Hospital in the background I’m sure I saw somebody in a white coat; maybe that explains everything)

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Little Gordon Ramsay – “The foul mouthed child”…

I just had to post these clips they are really funny; they star Little Gordon the foul mouth child playing celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in a viral video for online recruitment website

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Employee Celebrates Birthday at Burger King in Sink…

This is definitely not the kind of publicity Burger King needs it shows an employee celebrating his birthday by taking a bath in the washing up sink of a local Burger King restaurant in Ohio.

He is seen in a bubble bath pouring water over himself with a sanitizing solution bucket. The video taper actually reported the incident to the manager who ignored the whole thing and continued to count cash.

Burger King has taken swift action to get rid of all the contaminated articles and dealt with the employees involved in the video.

The remaining staff have been given appropriate health and sanitation training 🙂

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Birmingham City Council Recycle Gaff..


Following on from yesterday’s article about Sussex police I came across this story which did not quite work out as Birmingham city council had planned.

There are two problems first of all a 720,000 pamphlets celebrating Birmingham’s recycling success were printed out with a picture of the city’s skyline –

First problem; the photo they used was of Birmingham, Alabama – more than 4,000 miles away in the U.S so instead of seeing landmarks such as the Rotunda they were replaced by U.S. office blocks.

Second problem why print 720,000 leaflets to celebrate recycling success surely there is something wrong both environmentally and financially as it cost taxpayers £16,000 !!!