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Tripadvisor Funny Posts…


Tripadvisor the home of travel reviews have decided to publish all the other comments (well a few) which can be funny, rude, bizarre, potentially libelous, incomprehensible you decide 🙂

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WEB Site Designed in Powerpoint…


Spotted this on Iain Tait’s site and just had to post it’s a site created in Powerpoint by Mancheter creative agency Love :

Love Creative Site

Now where did I put that copy of Publisher 🙂

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Paying with Pennies…

This series of videos sponsored by Office Max show how coins especially the penny seem to have little value today, they have launched a campaign called “Power to the Penny”.

It features US comedian Matt McCarthy with nothing but coins traveling all over New York City trying to buy stuff.

Some pretty funny clips and interesting to see how people’s attitude to paying for something in coins can be 🙂

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Fuel Prices Give eCommerce a Boost…

Just came across this interesting article on eMarketer which shows how eCommerce, seems to be benefiting from the current economic climate some countries are experiencing:

Depending on your perspective, online sales are up either despite or because of the economic slowdown. With gas prices continuing to climb, a growing number of shoppers are deciding to skip car trips to the mall in favor of online merchants.

Even as many brick-and-mortar stores are struggling, 11% of US consumers surveyed by Nielsen in June 2008 said they were shopping more on the Web as a result of gas prices.

Change in Shopping and Driving Behavior of US Consumers due to Higher Gasoline Prices, 2006-2008 (% of respondents)

More on this can be found here...

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Google’s answer to Wikipedia Goes Live…


So Google have moved into Wikipedia country with their Knol, it is slightly different in that it is a more top-down than the bottoms-up environment everybody-can-edit with Knol you can set various levels of collaboration.

There is one big difference to Wikipedia, Knol allows you the potential to get paid, through the AdSense ads. Which would mean that the more popular your article, among other factors, the higher your revenues. And Google gets a share of these revenues, naturally (even when Google Knol is listed as an entity separate from AdSense with a 0% share in the process)…

Here is an example travel content article: How to backpack

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ePaper Comes to the High Street…


Looks like another step in freeing up some paper resource Esquire magazine will use honest-to-goodness ePaper to commemorate their 75th year. The high tech cover will flash “the 21st Century Begins Now” when it’s on the newsstands.

The editor says he has been frustrated with the lack of change in magazines over the past 150 years. Ink on Paper; lets hope this heralds the start of a new era in publishing.

More info can be found here

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Free Magazines Online…


Ever wanted to read a magazine online for free well now you can Mygazines does it using a flippable interface a bit like standing in WHSmith’s browsing the magazines on the rack but from the comfort of your own home along with saving a free trees.

Because the service is free Mygazines could really provide a useful alternative outlet for publishers looking to reach more readers. Original ads from the print version are included too, so it’s a win for advertisers as well.

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Friday’s Thought – The The – Heartland

Just thought I would post this video from Matt Johnson and the The The obviously had a lot of foresight about Britain turning into the 51st state of the USA wayback in the 80s…

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Sneek Peek At Googles New Search Interface

Michael Arrington and the guys at Techcrunch have been posting videos and screenshots of Google’s new test search interface which seems to include lots of social features.

Michael even says “Google Continues To Test A Search Interface That Looks More Like Digg Every Day”.

The video shows the new interface with all the social widgets and it looks pretty cool and will be interesting to see what the other search guys think.

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An Insight Into How People Search for Travel…

This video has a few good insights into how people search and research their travel options online. it is interesting to note that Google is a major starting pint however the most intersting point is the lack of a true multilingual search tool (now that gives me and idea 🙂 )

[Via Travolution]