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Oh Big Brother! Chanelle Wants To Be A Pop Star…

Lad’s mag and big brother star Chanelle Hayes is launching a pop career.

Self confessed Posh Wannabe Chanelle Hayes who already acquired and dumped a ‘celebrity’ boyfriend and loves all that glitters is launching a pop career!

Check it out on Fridays at 9.30PM from 18th April on VH1.

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Content in Today’s Society is Fast Becoming a Commodity…


Jonathan Handel, a digital media, entertainment and technology lawyer posts on his blog about the nature of content in today’s society.

He sees six reasons for content’s devaluation:

  1. Supply and Demand: The supply of online content has grown enormously in the past decade, including user-generated content, a bunch of which includes content created by people who don’t care if they get paid for its creation.
  2. Loss of Physical Form: When you steal an object (like a DVD, for example), you deny it to the owner. When you “steal” a movie, by downloading it, it’s still there for others to use. Its intangible nature makes its appropriate feel much less like stealing.
  3. It’s Easy: Getting content from the internet is far easier than through traditional methods.
  4. New Media is Ad-Supported: The “freemium” model makes content available at no cost to the user – so why should the user see the content as valuable?
  5. Market Forces: Computers and web services are more valuable when more content is available, and non-professionals flock to use the new technologies of the web, as they had long been denied access to distribution via traditional methods.
  6. Culture: A generation of users has grown up indifferent or even hostile to copyright.

More of this article can be found here

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Sony Foam Advert…

Here it is Sony’s long awaited foam advert for the Handycam, Cyber-shot and its new digital camera brand. Sony flooded downtown Miami with foam for the follow-up to its extremly successful ‘Balls’, ‘Paint’ and ‘Play-Doh’ ads.


Farcebook the anti social network..


Look out Facebook here comes another social network site,  are you becoming tired of Facebook and are ready for the next revolution in social networking then maybe Farcebook is the site for you.

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Micallef Tilted Room Sketches…

These sketches are quite funny (even if they do follow same theme) they are very Chaplin and Keaton in style 🙂

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World Statistics Updated In Real Time…


This site is pretty amazing a plethora of statistics all in real time!

Some of them make you think!

Check them all out here .

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The Next Creative Revolution?


This article by Nick Law from R/GA :-

The Next Creative Revolution is his take on the evolution of advertising.

You could sell a car or a candy bar with the right tagline. Now the product influences the choice of medium and the medium influences the message.

[Via Crackunit]

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Ads That Make You Look Twice…

These ads make erotic images with the mundane and ordinary. They feature optical illusions of which should make you think, the first time you glance at them…

Remember all is not what you may first think 🙂

17074_2_468.jpeg 17072_3_468.jpeg 17072_4_468.jpeg 17074_1_468.jpeg

17074_3_468.jpeg 17072_1_4681.jpeg 17072_5_468.jpeg 17072_2_468.jpeg

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“It’s not a Detergent it’s a Safetergent”…

Just spotted this and thought I just had to post it 🙂


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Looks Like George Bush has a New Job… Rock Star!

Seems like George has been tying out as backup for Bono & U2. You can catch him here singing “Sunday Bllody Sunday”