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How to build a WEB Site by Volkswagen…

Okay the secrets out for all of you who wondered how a website is made Volkswagen take you behind the scenes. Damn that’s it now everybody will be building one 🙂

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My Goodness how things can change…

The Leningrad Cowboys and the Red Army Chorus teamed up to perform this rousing rendition of Sweet Home Alabama, all booming, brassy and high-hair.

Just please don’t let George Bush and Tony Blair think of doing any support acts please !!!

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Nokia Presents: The Black Box

Christopher’s journey is guided by a mysterious black box. How does it know where to send him? Where has this dark technology come from? And will it help Christopher find his dream or lead him into his worst nightmare? Find the coordinates. Solve the mystery.
Take on the Black Box mystery for your chance to win a Nokia 500 Auto Navigation.

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How Media is Consumed by the Next Generation…


A brilliant article on how the use of media is changing! 

Rather than treating video-sharing websites as traditional news sources, young people use them as tools and act as editors themselves.”  

Artcile Here

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Analytics for YouTube Launched…


Last Night Google announced a new video statistics package free for anyone with a YouTube account. The software, called Insight, gives users access to a range of statistics about the videos they upload to the site, such as where viewers are from, how often viewers in specific geographic regions viewed a video, or how long it took a video to become popular.

Looks like another interesting development in Google’s attack on contempary media…

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A I Heatmap Rates Your Website – Feng-GUI


This new site Feng-GUI is simulates human vision and creates an attention heatmap for any web site. All you have to do is input a URL or logo and then, wait for the set of artificial intelligence algorithms to indicate where and to what magnitude people look.

It is an eye-tracking site that can help web masters place important content or advertisements.

[Via Trend Hunter]

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No-Frills Airlines & Their Use of Ancillary Revenue..

If you have ever travelled with a low cost airline then this is sure to make you smile 🙂

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Search the New Domain Name?


Just caught an intersting article on Iain Taits blog about how a TV AD last night for EMA, whose call to action at the end of the Ad was – “search for EMA online”.

Not the usaul visit the rest of this article can be found here .

Intersting to note that the Japanese market have been using it for quite a while.  They do seem to have a bit of a lead in certain areas online take the QR codes which we are about to see over here very soon

An interesting point to remeber though is to make sure you’ve got the right people looking after your search engine optimisiation / marketing etc.

[Via Crackunit]

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Energy Wasting Day! April 1st 2008…

If you’re wondering how you can take part, watch Dan Power turn up the heat as he tries to max out his carbon emissions on Energy Wasting Day.

His 4×4 is roaring, his lights are blazing, and his undercrackers might be minging but at least they’re toastie warm. Burn baby, burn!

You wanna join him on his mission to fry planet earth? Then watch the vid and do your bit to promote climate change on April 1st.

As Dan the man says…’Polar Bears? Who cares?’

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Tropic Thunder A Comedy about Vietnam?

Ben Stiller stars in this a parody of the making of a war movie. It has some big names Jack Black, Nick Nolte, Jay Baruchel, Bill Hader, Danny McBride and Steve Coogan, among others and some interesting characterisations see what you think to Robert Downey Jr. as portarying a serious character actor who undergoes suregry to take a black actors role.