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Waterless Car Wash… The Eco Way to Wash Your Car…


Green Earth have come up with a product to allow for waterless car washing, the all-in-one spray washes, polishes and protects the car without the use of water.

Of course, intense care for the environment could be accomplished by never washing your car or never owning one in the first place.

Green Earth Waterless Car Wash does more than just clean and shine your car, it brings out the brilliant colors in your paint, protect it from the elements and keep it cleaner for longer period of time. Use our waterless car wash almost anywhere, anytime as long as the paint surface is not excessively soiled, muddy or caked with sand. Our products are water-based, natural and ECOSafe. You can use them on a wet or dry surface. Buy a bottle today. We have a 100% money back guarantee…


Jodie Marsh Xmas Special

MTV pays its favourite Essex-girl a visit.

This summer, Jodie’s nationwide search for a husband culminated in a live wedding in her parent’s back yard. With the honeymoon well and truly over and rumours rife that the happy couple have now split, MTV pays her a visit to see what’s really going on. And believe me, it ain’t pretty!


Ultimate “waste” of Money…


How about this then for pure decadence  the Gold Pill. Created by Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, the pills increase your self worth and literally make your excrement sparkle — all for just $425.

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Business Media Startups Video

You Decide Bubble 2.0: The Video…

Personally I think the web is the new media but have a look and see what you think…

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Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune – Trailer

Edited trailer with Massive Attack soundtrack. Follow Nathan Drake’s trail.

Advertising Music Video

Are You The Next MTV Presenter?

MTV has partnered with MySpace Random Report to search for a brand new presenter to host MTV News.

One lucky punter will be plucked from obscurity to follow in the footsteps of ex-presenters Cat Deeley, Edith Bowman, Russell Brand, Alex Zane, Trevor Nelson and Kelly Brook – all of whom started their careers at the MTV studios in Camden. The successful candidate will get to present daily bulletins across MTV ONE, MTV Hits, TMF, MTV Base and VH1, and will have the chance to travel the world and brush shoulders with A list stars like Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent and Cameron Diaz.

How to audition

Shoot a short video of yourself presenting to camera and upload your screen test to the Random Report page on MySpace by December 21st. MTV is going to sift through all of the videos and invite the best candidates to London to audition for the fulltime position. You don’t need any experience. MTV is just asking that you’re fun and won’t be fazed by interviewing some of the world’s biggest stars from the film, music and entertainment world.

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It’s Life Jim… Schatner Advertisers WOW…

William Schatner advertises World of War Craft…. Maybe it’s time to beam me up Scotty…

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Tay Zonday starts to Rain in the Cash…

Famed You Tube star Tay has jsut signed a deal to promote Dr Pepper’s new “Cherry – Chocalate” drink. Just goes to show the power of the internet and how one can be catapulted to stardom at the click of a mouse…