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Bad Day at the Office…

And you think you have had a bad day at the office 🙂

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blyk – demo

Demo showing how blyk, the free, UK ad-supported mobile network works.

Nice follow up to the blyk animations that have been pervading the interweb the last three weeks.

The deal is you get sent 6 MMS ads a day and in return they give you 217 texts and 43 free call minutes every month.

There’s an invite code at the end of the video. You need to be 16-24 and live in the UK to sign up.

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Snooth… The Wine Site That Aims To Nose Best…


Snooth hoping to simplify how people select, interact with and purchase their favorite wines.

Snooth is trying to become the world’s most comprehensive wine database, featuring millions of reviews and hundreds of thousands of wines. It will offer both casual and aspiring wine drinkers personalized wine recommendations, ratings & reviews, as well as a wine information search tool that seamlessly connects users to the websites of top online merchants and wineries worldwide.

Snooth launched in June 2007.

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Electronic Music via You Tube..

Thanks to Iain Tait for this link it’s Giorgio Moroder on German TV way… way.. back (ok only a few years) promoting his oscar soundtrack for midnight express, I thing that the sounds that these guys were producing not so long ago were great and the quality of this video is pretty cool as well to say it comes from the last century;)[Via CrackUnit]

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The Solution Is Simple…

Just had to post, 6 year old Dylan Hughes is launching a campaign aimed at all the dead important people flying to the United Nations Climate Change Conference starting in Bali next week.

Dylan’s message is simple; so simple that he’s called it He even managed to raise the money for the campaign website and national newspaper advert’s from

Dylan says, ‘Sorting out climate change is as easy as one, two, three. Why take weeks to talk about it when we just need to get on and do it. In less than 10 years it will be too late. Everything could die if we don’t act mega-quick’.

Ahead of Bali, Gordon Brown can be seen trying to charm big business at the CBI with claims that he won’t ‘shirk’ decisions like new runways for the UK’s fastest rising source of greenhouse gas emissions, aviation.

Dylan says, ‘If Mr Brown doesn’t act well-big on climate change now, me and my friends are going to get him’.

Dylan continues, ‘Mr Brown is always saying big things, but he never actually does anything really good or quick enough. Most of the stuff He wants to get done quickly is going to make things worse, not better. Like new runways for planes which are really bad for the climate. If he does the three things in my campaign quickly, he really will be a world leader, not a donkey’.

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Cool Hunting Gift Guide 2007…


Cool Hunting has just released its Holiday Gift Guide, featuring items of all shapes and sizes ranging from $8 into the thousands (I know it’s US based but maybe it can give some inspiration).

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Local Food… Local People… Online


This a digital twist to the traditional farmers market. The site helps customers find locally produced food and drink.

The site says:

The aim for Localfoodshop is to help you to identify your local suppliers of quality, fresh, seasonal produce. You buy direct, keeping your money in the local economy and supporting local farmers and artisan producers.

At Localfoodshop, 93% of the sale value goes straight to the producer. Compare this to the supermarkets! And the remaining 7% supports the social enterprise which runs the site, re-investing any profits back into the local food sector.

This looks like another step in the right direction whereby people can find things locally and so help local commerce and reduce the burden on the environment…


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Media Technology

Celeb Photos Retouched…


Just came across this site it is a professional photo retouching service. You can see a few celeb examples of the before and after look. You can now see how they really look just goto the portfolio tab and then click on a picture if you hover over it will show you the before image…

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Set Your Buddy Free with Windows Mobile…

This is a teaser for an interactive game at Click on the video to get to the game site.

Buddy is trapped inside a desktop computer and he needs your help to find a way out.

Free Your Buddy is an interactive video game based on the old text adventure computer games from the eighties. Using a messenger window people communicate with a Buddy character trapped inside an old computer. The object of the game is to use the messenger window to help Buddy find a way out. In addition to the game play commands there are hidden responses people must discover on their own.Live Messenger on Windows Mobile lets you send instant messages, join group chats and share files on the move, so you and your buddies are free to communicate wherever and whenever it suits you.

Advertising Video

blyk by Cleo Lee

Latest in the series. Spacey, mellow, slightly trippy animation from blyk, the new, ad-supported mobile network. Watch to the end for an invite code.

Blyk’s a new mobile network aimed at 16-24 year olds. It gives you free texts and minutes every month – 217 free texts and 43 free minutes to be precise. When you join they give a free SIM with all the good stuff on. Blyk goes out and finds brands you might be interested in, charges them for sending you messages, and gives you money back in the form of free texts and minutes.