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Street Advertising… Goes H20…

This company have a new twist on the old Guerrilla marketing techniqueof Street Art for years, which usually aquires bad press for defacing public property; most city officials tend not to be to plesaed with it now Street Advertising Services is offering a less antagonizing—and more legal—solution by creating images out of water.

The British company’s Street Art service uses high-pressure cleaning machines to wash brands, logos and adverts onto dirty pavements. First, clients provide their design, and SAS turns it into a giant stencil. Then, working at night, the SAS team blasts the stencil with water and steam on dirty walls, roads, pavements or even road signs. The result is a sparkling clean image in the shape of the company’s logo or message. Nothing but water and steam are used, and it’s all perfectly environmentally friendly and legal, SAS stresses. Pricing for a street art campaign with 15 to 20 adverts throughout a city begins at GBP 1,000 per city plus initial setup costs. Clients so far have ranged from newly opened businesses to global brands.

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Design 21 – Social Networking for Designers…

Design 21 is a Social Network Site for Designers:-

Design Network’s mission is to inspire social activism through design. We connect people who want to explore ways design can positively impact our many worlds, and who want to create change here, now.

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Health Video

A Good Reason to Quit Smoking…

Never smoked myself but after watching this and seeing what 1 cigarette can do…Blimey maybe a good time for you to quit…


Fun Video

Death Star Canteen Sketch Lego Style…

This is the famous Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteen sketch that somebody has Legolised, very funny with a few explitives…You can find a few more here

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3D Mail Box… OMG Whatever Next…

Just caught this and can’t get my breath an e-mail application that renders your mail as aeroplanes, I will let you watch and decide…[Via Techcrunch]


Lost Dog? No just an Awesome dog…

Sorry just had to post this…. Instead of your usual lost pet this person was just promoting how great their dog is…

Fun Video

How Not to Say Goodbye After a Dinner Party…

Saying goodbye to your guests after a dinner party is always hard. You dont want to seem like your rushing them but you dont want them to stay all night either.


Momentous changes are underway in the publishing world…

When the grand, gray lady of newspapers, The New York Times, changes its tagline from “All the News That’s Fit to Print” to “All the News That’s Fit to Click,” there can be no question that momentous changes are underway in the publishing world.

“It’s wake-up time for the publishing industry,” said Lisa Phillips, eMarketer senior analyst and author of the new report, Newspapers and Magazines Online: Content Is Still King. “eMarketer projects that US newspaper and magazine publishers will spend nearly $537 million this year to advertise their print and online brands.

Online Advertising Spending by US Newspapers and Magazines* vs. All Media Companies**, 2006-2011 (millions and % increase vs. prior year)

“By 2011, that figure will reach $1.3 billion in online advertising, an increase of 142%,” Ms. Phillips said.

Major newspapers and magazines have no choice. It’s publish and promote online or perish.

“Newspaper publishers have watched print ad revenues—particularly classifieds—migrate online to sites such as AutoTrader, Craigslist, Monster and,” Ms. Phillips said. “Magazine brands with million-plus subscribers have been shuttered in favor of branded Web sites.”

Like it or not, readers and advertisers are turning to the Internet, and print brands must follow.

“This year, according to Veronis Suhler Stevenson, magazine and newspaper publishers will spend $7.7 billion on digital content and advertising,” Ms. Phillips said. “By 2011, they project that spending will rise to $17.1 billion, an increase of 122%.”

US Newspaper and Magazine Online Spending, 2007-2011 (millions)

Much of the money is going to build out Web 2.0 features.

In the first nine months of 2007, the Magazine Publishers of America recorded 145 new digital initiatives, from redesigns and relaunches to audio and video podcasts, social networking features, mobile sites and webisodes.

“Without question, print publishers are focusing on the digital transformation of their brands,” Ms. Phillips said. “While print products will not go away—any more than radio disappeared when TV arrived—publishers must adapt to serving two audiences, one online and the other offline.”

To read more of the writing on the wall, get your copy of the new eMarketer report, Newspapers and Magazines Online: Content Is Still King, today.

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‘How to play Eye of Judgment’

Learn how to play the game and see it in action in this Eye of Judgment demo video

Fun Video

“We Didn’t Start the Viral”…

This a great video that highlights some of the recent stars of the web…The guys at cakke have put together a neat piece of nostalgia…

This thing can obviuosly roll and roll as more online stars appear…