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Never Ending Story… No… Never Ending WEB Page…

Iain Tait of Poke & CrackUnit has developed this site for Orange the never-ending web page…

I don’t think anyone’s ever done a never ending web page before. Oh and if it helps to make a better story there are 100s of wind-up phone chargers hidden in the site as givaways, but I’m not saying how you find them…

Little note it does go on and on and on and on …:


[Via CrackUnit]

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Need a Toilet Break? Do it Onlline…

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ShitDisco + Pretty Cool ‘Pop Up Book’ Style Video…

Shitdisco’s song “OK” new video video shows the characters in pop-up book form and the singers/musicians move in sync with the music it was directed by Price James some pretty cool animation going on here…[Via Trendhunter]

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Another Local Site… Your Street…

This is another site that is trying to get tothe grass root levels of marketing and customer service, it combines Google Maps with hyper-local news and comments…

The site detects where you are located and serves up news stories about events that recently occurred in your city or neighborhood, as well comments from YourStreet members who live nearby.

More can be found here

[Via Techcrunch]

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Web 1.0 versus Web 2.0 sites… Spot the Difference…

This site Advergirl is examining Web 1.0 versus Web 2.0 sitesand has collected nine categories of sites and has asked readers to help come up with a better definition for and distinction between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 sites.

Could prove to be an interesting insight…

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Google goes “Algo” again…

After last weeks change to the Google Algorithm which downgraded the page rank of a broad range of sites, the big news is that they have gone and done it again with an other page rank update, that’s three in a month.

This is an unprecedented move by Google; normally they update the Algorithm once every three months, sometimes not that often. Never before have they done it three times in a month. Last weeks changes were related to link farming, but it looks like the latest changes might be related to paid links.

More on this can be found here at Techcrunch

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Worlds Biggest Banner Advertisement… Dubai and Ad Air…

This has just been verified by the Guiness Book of Records as the worlds largest ad. It is in Dubai and covers 5 acres and can viewed from the air by an expected 14 million visitors to Dubai. It has been set up by UK company Ad Air and is the first of many soon to be seen around the world…

More info can be seen here, not sure how thiw one is going to take off (excuse the pun)..

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You’ll never know if you don’t go… Sterotype Travel Ads…

Lufthansa have launched a new ad campaign that highlights cultural stereotypes under the slogan, “You’ll never know if you don’t go,” the clips from around the world poke fun at the cultural associations people have with these countries.As a means of generating some “UGC” they have launched a site RumorTravels, which has a video contest where people are asked to submit a short clip or story of rumors from foreign countries. The winner will get two round-trip business class tickets to any Lufthansa destination in Europe.

Well worth a look before you go…


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Become Part of XFM’s Marketing Team and Get £10k…

The marketing team at Xfm have given their breakfast team £10,000 to market the Alex Zane Breakfast Show. However it has to be done by listeners!

They are giving the money to the listener who markets the show the best.

Starting on Monday October 22, there’ll be £1000 to give away every week for the best piece of marketing that week. The money will be awarded every Friday during the Breakfast Show, and on Friday November 16 one person will be awarded £10,000 (and that oh-so-desirable ‘Xfm Free Marketeer’ title).The radio station will even provide the manpower if it is needed to make the idea happen – and has a street team of 25 people that are at the listeners disposal & a Xfm camper van. The only rules are that the ‘Xfm Breakfast Show’ somewhere in your stunt and proof has got to be provided.

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‘Good Luck Chuck: Gotta go’

In order to keep the woman of his dreams from falling for another guy, Charlie Logan has to break the curse that has made him wildly popular with single women: Sleep with Charlie once, and the next man you meet will be your true love.

UK release on 9th November.