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Big in Japan..

Not really a reason for this post other than the fact that it is apparently very popular in Japan. Here’s an English subtitled YouTube of “the butt biting bug song,” Oshiri kajiri mushi. Makes you wonder though about the sort of things kids in Japan are into “Tight asses and hard asses and beaten asses and shriveled asses.” In what universe do these constitute appropriate lyrics for children’s music? maybe something got lost in translation…

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Travel Sites Draw in the Crowds…

Here is a soundbite from a press release from the Comscore web measurement service which has some interesting news for, First Choice and Cheapflights.

The trio are amongst a list of the top ten UK web brands showing the strongest growth in July.

The top ten are as follows, showing monthly uniques and the shift on July 2006:

Odeon 2,618 (up 49%) – 5,172 (up 30%)
Facebook – 7,604 (up 26%) Well, derrr
Cheapflights – 2,801 (up 22%)
Disney Online – 3,190 (up 22%)
First Choice Holidays – 3,592 (up 19%) – 4,753 (up 19%)
Next Group – 3,851 (up 18%)
Dixons Stores Group – 4,712 (up 17%)
WordPress 2,716 (up 16%)

Bob Ivins, executive vice president at Comscore, says this:

“The success of travel and holiday sites mirrors the seasonal trends in the offline world, with July being a popular month for holiday, retail and entertainment sites. However, with the weather in the UK being so poor this summer it’s clear that – for domestic recreation activities at least – people have been surfing the Internet for indoor entertainment, hence the growth in traffic to cinema site”

Would this have been the case a few years ago? Probably not. The lead-in time for holidays is shortening every year. Holidaymakers will happily wait until the last minute before booking. The shoddy weather just exacerbates the situation.

[Full press release featuring the overall top UK brands]

Eco Fun Video

Criton makes a “Paradigm Shift”

Robert Llewellyn (Scrapheap Challenge and Red Dwarf star) is documenting his year of ‘Making Do’ (not buying new stuff) on YouTube.

[Via CrackUnit]

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The greatest communications platform humanity has ever known…

This is a great article with a few incites from Vint Cerf…

Read Article…

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Virtually… Locally2U…

It may be one of the internet’s oldest uses but is a new approach to  a local directory.

It is a directory of what to do, where to eat etc in Canada’s very own Toronto.

This site is virtual and visual rather than text-based. You navigate by clicking landscape views that then lead to pictures of the interiors of businesses. is the only patent-pending virtual cityscape.


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Right Here… Right Now… Post it Note Animation..

This is a nice bit of stop gap animation just shows what you can do with 1 million post it notes a big building and a lot of time 🙂

Eco Video

Forget Carbon Footprints… What about your Carbon Elephant…

This video is great new way of showing the impact of our carbon footprints, this UK company is dubbing it our “carbon elephant.”

The video to promote global awareness shares the scary fact that “Every year, UK households produce 6 million tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent weight of 2,000,000 elephants.”

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Google goes Extraterrestrial…

The latest Google Earth software can now pic a location on earth, and for that specific date and time of day, flip their view skywards and view an accurate representation of space. Using images from institutions including the Digital Sky Survey Consortium, the Palomar Observatory in California and the United Kingdom Astronomy Technology Centre, while the imagery has been freely available online, the simple way of navigating the images will perhaps make them more readily accessable to wider audiences.

Fun Travel

View Berlin Schumacher style…

Don’t bother waiting for a Taxi, rent your own cool go kart, which surprisingly, you are able to drive legally on the roads alongside real cars.

The mini size makes them easy to maneuver and parking is a breeze. Not to mention the fun factor – it’s like one big game of dodgem cars for grown ups.

Check out these videos

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Shop Locally2U…

In my continued search to collate all things local…

From both a Business and Environmental point of view noticed this post and thought it worth a read…

A very neat way for local people to sell their ware….

Larger Image

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