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Australian Bank Westpac say Financial Crisis Akin to Smoothies?

OMG is this for real my mate in Australia Malcolm just sent me this, as The Reserve Bank of Australia put interest rates up 0.25% last week, so Westpac put their rates up 0.45% hence they thought they needed to release this Peter & Jane Style Ad for Australian Consumers, is it all really down to Banana Smoothies?

I thought it was more to do with greed and avarice in the banking sector, maybe just a little confused but you have to love the way they describe how the banks work like a smoothie operator and how the financial crisis is the equivalent of a perfect storm!


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if you think that’s bad, the Reserve Bank has just come out and said it probably won’t be increasing rates next year.

The banks, however, have said they will continue to increase their rates despite the Reserve Bank’s decision.

Personally I don’t know why Australian banks even bother to advertise, everybody hates them down here and has done for decades.

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